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「AJ」IP LookUP/WhoIs service
   Every machine that is on a TCP/IP network ( a local network, or the Internet ) has a unique Internet Protocol ( IP ) address.

 「「AJ」IP LookUP/WhoIs service」 helps you to find information about your current IP address or any other IP address. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

1. 「AJ」IP LookUP/WhoIs service
1.1. Your IP  :                  
  1.2. Yoru IP country(local) information  : United States 
2.「AJ」IP LookUP/WhoIs service
  Now, AJ have a problem in Capacity of DB. To handle the capacity expansion problem, we had to suspend IPLookUp service, temporarily. Please wait for a time.
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