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  ▶ Notice Board
     You can find important notices and news of 「AJ」system in the Notice board. Please check the details from the Notice board.
Check the Update & News, Click  
  ▶ [AJ-phonetic Test]
     You can try this system by「tester Id」Id and password is below. Don't be nervious. Just ry it. You can see yor test result and preocess of this web site system.
However, do not chage the password for the next person.
ID : tester
Test Id Password : tester1004!

→ [AJ-phonetic Test] Participate the test. Click
  ▶ [AJ System] Language setting
    Now, [AJ system] can recognize user's windows language(e.g. Window English, Korean and Japanese version) and automatically change and set system language of [AJ system]. [AJ system] is supporting three languages (Korean, English, Japanese) and localization.

And the language select option by user is now updated. You can select language of 「AJ」system by click the language link in the left side of every page and intro page.

 Change languageKorean / Japanese / English  
  ▶ ETC
     This page is main page. Sorry. There was no time to pay attention to design things....@。@;;;;
After construction and adjustment of this system, I will pay attention to "Design things".
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